Question: Does paintless dent repair work?                                                                                 

Answer:  Yes!  When done correctly the repairs are virtually undetectable, the factory finish remains undisturbed.

Question: How much will the repair cost, and how long will it will take?                        

 Answer: Repair cost start around $50.00 for a small door ding and can exceed $3000.00 on a vehicle severely damaged by hail.  Paintless Dent Repair is usually around a 3rd of the cost of conventional repair.  Most door dings and minor collision can be repaired within a few hours, however hail repair and larger damage may require a full day maybe 2.

Question Where are you located?  

Answer:  Our headquarters  is located in Omaha, NE.  Our business model is based on repairing hail damaged vehicles,  therefore our job sites are usually set up in cities that were damaged by hail.  However  our tech base allows us to complete repairs just about anywhere. Call us today for an  appointment.  402-960-3513

 Question Do you service commercial accounts? 

Answer: Yes we do. We welcome all commercial inquiries no matter how large or small.                              

Contact:  Matt Erickson       Matt@PerformanceDentRepairInc.com