Performance Dent Repair Inc. - Hail, Door Dings and Minor Collision Repair
Question: Does paintless dent repair work?                                                                                 

Answer:  Yes!  When done correctly the repairs are virtually undetectable, the factory finish remains undisturbed.

Question: How much will the repair cost, and how long will it will take?                        

 Answer: Repair cost start around $50.00 for a small door ding and can exceed $5000.00 on a vehicle severely damaged by hail.  Paintless Dent Repair is usually around a 3rd of the cost of conventional repair.  Most door dings and minor collision can be repaired within a few hours, however hail repair and larger damage may require several days. 

Question Where are you located?  

Answer:   We come to you!  Our hours are Monday- Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm and 8am -1;00pm on Saturday    Closed Sunday 

 Question Do you service commercial accounts? 

Answer: Yes we do. We welcome all commercial inquiries no matter how large or small.                              

Contact:  Matt Erickson      402-960-3513